Friday, September 23, 2011

in love with...

a hotel. Is it weird? I´m obsessed with this building, "hotel Hrušov". It´s an old hotel, built in 1930s, and probably very luxurious and "posh" in those days, now abandoned and almost a ruin. I´ve seen it about two years ago for the first time, and I loved it. Such majestic building, with beautiful details, many windows. I couldn´t stop fantasizing about the interior, and imagining the noble history, guests that visited it. It was all just so decadent and romantic. I took a photo of it and decided I need to paint it. And I did :). This summer, we walked by again, and we were told they are going to tear it down, because it´s in a very bad shape. I took some photos again, and made a second painting of it.
Yesterday, we had a friend over who loves architecture, and we went to see some buildings in the town where the hotel is, and also looked at the hotel. The windows were gone, glass everywhere, also the beautiful balconies were knocked down. It made me almost teary eyed. We went inside (there was no one around), and walked through the rooms, kitchen, bathrooms. It was very dangerous, because there were pieces of wood, walls, glass etc. everywhere on the floor and stairs, so I couldn´t go to the upper floors (also, I was afraid the floor could break up or something). I´m glad I got inside, but I´m sorry I didn´t do that before they started with the renovations - or at least I hope they are going to do some renovations. As our friend said, if they wanted to tear the building down, they would just demolish it right away. We´ll see. At least I have the photos. Maybe I´m weird with this strange affection for this building, but I can´t help myself :).

Oh, and sorry for the lack of posts. The thing is, I´ve been quite busy recently, getting ready for some exhibitions and occasions. And also, I got pregnant :). So that´s to explain my sickness I wrote about. I don´t feel completely well yet, but in the evenings I´m able to do something again. At the moment I´m pretty frightened about the whole thing, but hoping.

Saturday, September 3, 2011


I´ve been away for a while, and that´s because I´ve been a bit sick for some time. I´m still not entirely back to my painting, sewing and making, but we went for a great trip with our friends to Dresden yesterday! I´ve been there about 13years ago and visited the gallery of "old masters" in Zwinger, and this time we went to Albertinum to see the newer works. I loved the exhibition and the whole building, its architecture and design is stunning! What I loved most was the statue of young ballerina by Edgar Degas (of course...:). I always loved this statue and was glad to find it there. I stared at it for a long time (and I´m inspired to make some dolls...). The skirt is amazing, it´s made of many layers of gathered tulle, and I love the shade it has now. (Did the colour change during all those years? Probably... maybe not too much). I also loved the Frauenkirche, a church that was attacked during the 2.w.w., was destroyed and recently built again according to old plans. When I was last time in Dresden, the church was still missing and if I remember well, they were working on its renovation.