Wednesday, June 27, 2012

knit cap

I made a knit cap for Marie... maybe my fastest sewing project ever :). I like it and would like to make more, for Anna too. An overlocker would be sooooo great to have for things like this! But, it´s so expensive and I´m not sure I would learn how to use it. But the idea of buying one is definitely growing in my head despite the price.
Also, I´ve seen this dress on Pinterest today. I love it so much! Such a romantic dress, so beautiful I can´t stand it :D.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

my first quilt

I made a quilt! A year ago I cut few squares from some remnants of my favourite fabrics. There were many other projects to do, so I didn´t have time to sew the squares together then. Few days ago I was looking for something and found the fabric squares, decided to sew them together and make a small blanket. I really liked making this and it felt so cool, haha. (There´s nothing so cool like making a child-sized quilt, right? :)
I´ve always liked making collages out of paper and this is very similar I think. There are just countless possibilities of colour and pattern combinations. Also, with two small girls, it´s a good thing I like pink... mostly :).

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

new skirt

Look, I made a skirt! It´s a bit big on me, because I cut the knit waistband while I was pregnant (I wanted to make a maternity skirt at first). But I still have a small belly, so it somehow works :). The skirt is actually made from the Josephine dress I made. I couldn´t wear the dress, because it was too small in the bust for me now (sigh!) and it´s impossible to breastfeed in dresses anyway. I love the skirt and wear it a lot.