Wednesday, March 30, 2011

time flies...

I´ve been inspired by Nette to write a post about my childhood photos. I was afraid it won´t be very easy for me to do this, as my photos are at my parents´house and in my brother´s flat (the flat where we lived as a family and where I´ve grown up). Also, I´m not very familiar with scanner and I would probably have to make my husband scan these photos for me (also, it´s in his office and connected to his computer). So I thought, it´s going to be months before I have something to show you. But! Then I remembered I have few photos that I snatched at the flat while we all still lived there. I know it´s not very nice of me... but there were so many of these black and white photos there, that hardly anyone can notice. There were two big drawers full of these little photos that my father made himself on his enlarger in dark room long time ago. My parents made a small attempt to actually organize them, but didn´t finish doing that and many of the photos remained in those drawers.
I feel really nostalgic and kind of sad to look at these photos. The time passes by so quicky! I remember pretty well a lot from my childhood and now I have a small daughter too! That´s pretty incredible to me... To see how much we all changed and what happend during those years is making me teary eyed a bit.
This is my grandma Z, photographed some time around 1959 (I think she was about 20). I love this photo. Grandma Z is very lively, talks a lot, and from what I remember, she was always pretty big. She is just a pretty huge and loud woman :).
This is her too, at work, later in life. On the back of the photo there is written: "for Christmass, 1983". So maybe this photo was a present from a co-worker...? Anyway, 1983 was the year when I was born :).
My father! Cute, right? That was before I was born, and I believe he sent this photo to my mother when he was at the military service.
Another two photos of my father. The second one is from 1981, he was 21. He looked so much like my brother looks now!
My mother, before we were born I think (but I´m not sure). Unfortunatelly, she used to cut her hair quite short most of the time when she was older. I don´t remember her with hair like this, but my father loved her long hair and always complained she doesen´t wear it long and loose :).
My mother with me and my baby brother, who is one and a half year younger than me.
A trip with my other grandma, J. I think I was 4 and my brother about 3.
My brother and father.
This is me (in the middle) with some friends.
Little Janul again, with my parents´friend.
Me and my brother (in the middle) at my aunt´s wedding.
My grandma Z, grandpa, my mother, brother and me at some fair (or what´s the right word for these places with carousels, swings etc., help me :).
That´s all for now! I have ton of my baby pictures and another better quality ones, but they are far away at my parents´:).

Saturday, March 26, 2011

handmade toys - vintage book

I got a pile of 80s magazines for embroidery, knitting and crocheting from my mother in law. Among them was this cute little book about handmade toys. I love it! The photos are really nice: children and little animals, clowns. Most of them should be made from knit remnants, which sounds pretty easy to make, but I´m afraid it´s a bit more difficult than it looks... What I love the most are those mice - of course, they are the ones most difficult to make :). The mice are crocheted with sewn clothes. I can´t knit, so I like a lot that these toys can be made from old sweaters. At least I hope so! Anyway, this book is a great inspiration, and great just to look at :).

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

in the garden...

The first painting of 2011 is finished... It´s already the end of march, what a shame! I´m going to attempt to make a series of paintings with this "Adam and Eve" theme, but let´s see how that goes. Maybe some burda style fans will guess my inspiration for the guy? :)

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Camilla Engman

Oh man, I saw Camilla Engman´s new paintings today... Perfect. I feel so inspired! I love her style. And I´m finishing a painting too! In a few days I´ll show it to you :).

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Vogue inspirations

A friend of mine gave me a Vogue magazine! Wow! It inspires me a lot to make some sewing. I love these dresses by Marc Jacobs and Miu Miu.
I was thinking about helping to raise the money for the Japan disaster, and it seems the most reasonable way for me is to donate via Adra organization.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Miss Button

I love buttons! They come in so many colours and shapes. It´s great for kids to play with and often I just like to think about the many ways I could use them, and how would they look with various fabrics. I made this doll recently and used some buttons for her body. The eyes are buttons, obviously (Coraline, anyone? :), but the mouth is a button too! I love that one. I wanted to make her hair out of yarn, but it was very time consuming that in the end I changed my mind and used felt instead. So quick and nice!

sunny inspirations

I really love the weather now. It´s so sunny and light here! It actually makes my eyes smart and hurt... Oh yes, the spring is near - and so is allergy! :) I started to drive again, after three years... it´s quite difficult for me. But I hope to get better with time.
Yesterday my lovely friend Anna arived and we had a great day together. She also brought us many nice gifts. Including some nice clothes that I´m looking forward to wear. I should maybe make a portrait of her! Hmm, there are many painting inspirations too.
And what inspires me these days?

1. pale pink gown by Elie Sabb, 2. Paul Smith "Annie Hall" look, 3. dress by Pietro Filipi, 4. this dress on Nicole Kidman, 5. Balaeniceps rex :), 6. this photo from the sartorialist