Sunday, March 6, 2011

sunny inspirations

I really love the weather now. It´s so sunny and light here! It actually makes my eyes smart and hurt... Oh yes, the spring is near - and so is allergy! :) I started to drive again, after three years... it´s quite difficult for me. But I hope to get better with time.
Yesterday my lovely friend Anna arived and we had a great day together. She also brought us many nice gifts. Including some nice clothes that I´m looking forward to wear. I should maybe make a portrait of her! Hmm, there are many painting inspirations too.
And what inspires me these days?

1. pale pink gown by Elie Sabb, 2. Paul Smith "Annie Hall" look, 3. dress by Pietro Filipi, 4. this dress on Nicole Kidman, 5. Balaeniceps rex :), 6. this photo from the sartorialist


  1. The sun is great.
    And I like your inspiration photos. Nicole Kidman and Balaeniceps rex certainly make for a good inspiration mix. :D

  2. Lol, how can I leave out my favourite bird? :)