Sunday, January 15, 2012

blue silk dress

This is the dress I made. It´s made of silk (synthetic, maybe...?) and working with it was awful! But the color is so nice that I made my best to finish it :). I´m so big now, I feel quite strange in my own body. And it will only get worse... I can´t imagine how will I look like in april :D. You probably won´t be able to see me behind my belly then. Other than this, I feel ok. The big belly is getting in my way for sure, and there are only few clothes I can wear now. Today I tried to trace a pattern to make my pants, and because I do this on the floor, I almost wasn´t able to bend down my round body. Oh well, I look like a fat little bear now :). 27weeks pregnant.

living room

Look, we painted our living room!!! Finally, the awful yellow is gone from the remaining two walls (the ones on the photo). It was exhausting both psychically and physically, but I´m so glad it´s done. I love the gray. Well, maybe it´s not really done completely, because I plan to paint a flowery pattern on one of the walls. I just feel so exhausted to do it right now and I don´t really know how to do that (I borrowed certain equipment to paint the pattern, but I´m not sure if I can do it). Anyway, this is a huge relief :). Now I just have to reupholster the armchairs and the living room will be done.
I also made a dress which I wore to a ball, but I don´t have any pictures of myself wearing it yet - hopefully soon I´ll be able to post it. I´m also working on a leather bag: I´m excited at this, but it´s also quite nerve wrecking, as sewing leather can be quite challenging and my sewing machine is making all sorts of strange sounds while sewing :). And I´m about to dive into a really big project (at least for the unexperienced myself) - sewing throusers. These are (hopefully!) going to be linen, shorter summer style of thousers, without the fly (side opening instead, to make things easier). I would like them to be long, but I didn´t buy enough fabric. Lesson learned! Wish me luck.
And I´m also working on another painting, quite a big one, and I love it. I hope to finish it soon, because often it takes me so long to finish a painting, which is so tiring. It would be lovely to make something a bit "easier" :).

Thursday, January 12, 2012

At the cottage

small brooch

I made this small brooch recently. It´s made of leather and I made it entirely with the sewing machine, no hand sewing. Hand sewing leather can be quite difficult... It´s a pastor with black glasses, aka mafioso pastor (long story :). It´s stuffed and at the back there is a pin. I guess this is the first brooch I ever made.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

naive (folk) art in Biskupice

We visited my husband´s parents during Christmas, and while we stayed at their place, we made several trips to interesting places. One of them was this spectacular house in a village called Biskupice, with garden filled with statues. They are made of concrete and painted, and they were created by a lady who lived in the house (and died few years ago). She was a village woman, not a real artist, but I think what she did is so great. Much better than what many "real" professional artists do :). There are many statues of people and animals, but also the whole house and its surroundings are painted, almost every bit of wall. There are also big statues of animals on the roof. I was in awe of this, such a joy of life and creating things. I love things like this.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

shopping for the baby

I´m looking forward to the baby very much, but I´m also quite nervous. I just feel so unorganized and unprepared. I can´t decide where to put the crib, where Marie is going to sleep, how is it all going to happen when the small one is born. The baby clothes are a mess, hidden somewhere in the attic, and I have no idea what I´ll need for the baby, what kind of nappies I´ll use etc. So I decided to just buy something beautiful to comfort myself :). I bought this beautiful baby swathe, which I´ve admired for a very long time, and a small woolen blanket. I love these. I´m actually kind of afraid to use the blanket, I just want to look at it as if it were a nice painting :). The materials are beautiful and it´s all handmade. I´m really big already, with huge belly, and it´s seriously starting to be quite uncomfortable. I´m looking forward to the end, when I´m back to my old self! There are three months to go...