Friday, August 31, 2012

the process...

Taking photos of an unfinished painting... it´s great to see the progress! I was always afraid to do this, I thought I would be sad in case I couldn´t finish the painting. This is hotel Hrušov again.
Yesterday I nearly drowned myself in the lake... along with our daughter Marie. I was really stupid to go swimming with her, suddenly the lake was too deep and I couldn´t do anything - she was holding my neck and I couldn´t keep myself above the surface. Luckily my husband jumped in the water and saved us! Huh, terrifying experience. 

Saturday, August 25, 2012

In the wood

My new painting is finished! I´m always so happy to finish a painting - it takes me more and more time it seems. This one was inspired by our Ikea couch slipcover (made by me) and by our friend´s cabin in the wood. The pink bubble is a motive that was already in my painting before this one; I want to connect few more paintings with it (like I did before with red hair and red colour...).

Thursday, August 23, 2012

black knight

Hahaha, I´ve seen this black knight hoodie on the net somewhere (I couldn´t find who makes it or where it comes from) and I love it! Isn´t it sexy? I imagine it would be expensive (and out of stock, and too small for my tall husband...), but what about diy black knight? :D
Also, my 4 month old baby can turn herself from her back to her stomach (I´m definitely using bad english terms to describe this) already!!! Her older sister, who was just lying and sleeping all the time as a baby, did this two months later. I´m so proud of this active little one :).


Thursday, August 16, 2012

I love this summer

Traveling for short trips, being at home, playing in the garden, bathing, swimming, wearing skirts and linen pants, eating tomatoes, sewing, painting, I love the summer this year :). It just feels so relaxed and easy. I love being with the children and watching films in the evening. It´s great to have a small baby, you don´t have to travel to any "holidays", you just stay at home and "do nothing". That´s what I like to do :D.
With my lovely friend Anna at the zoo in Prague.

Monday, August 6, 2012

bring something pink

Pink, that´s what little girls love! If I want Marie to wear something, it better is of pink colour :).
I made her new leggings (at last I was succesful at making legging - I made a pattern with her old pair) and I made a cord skirt with knit waistband. One of the legs in leggings is off-grain, but I don´t really care, as this is the first trial pair. I love the fabric, they look really cute on.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

apples, apples

Apples are everywhere! We are flooded by apples and therefore I´m baking apple desserts all the time. Good apple is baked apple :).

Friday, August 3, 2012

linen pants

Few days ago I finally hemmed my new turquoise linen pants. I wore them twice since and I like them, despite the fact that the design is not really my style. I kind of had to get used to these trousers. The colour is refreshing and I love linen for summer pants. I think I want to make some more linen pants... some easier style maybe, as these ones are more on the "formal" side. I thought I could wear them to playground etc., but that wouldn´t feel comfortable.
I´m quite proud of the sewing I did on these trousers.
Photos from our great trip to castle and park in Průhonice. Such beautiful gardens.