Friday, October 28, 2011


I´ve been crocheting a lot lately. I love that you can do this while talking to guests and that you don´t need too much equipment. The grey acrylic cap is for Marie and is very warm (I hope!). The cotton one will be for me and I want to make it bright, colourful and playful :). I also bought some more yarn for more caps!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

cold and dark

Oh, how bad I feel in the weather we have here now. Outside it´s cold and dark, and inside... well, we don ´t get much warmth either :). At least not in the whole apartment. The weather is also changing quite a lot, which probably causes me several health problems with my blood pressure and headache. But, it seems like it´s the perfect time to watch some old Aki Kaurismäki movies! We saw Ariel, Hold your scarf, Tatiana and Drifting clouds, and I loved all of them. Funny and depressing at the same time. I borrowed some books (again) and started to attempt crocheting (again), and the results so far are not very good. I find myself unraveling all the time... But I really want to make a winter hat for Marie, so I keep trying. I made two new dolls, but I´m showing only one of them, because the other one didn´t turn out as I wished... Hmm, maybe next time I´ll do better. I´m looking forward to Christmas a lot, but I´m also nervous concerning the presents. What are you buying or making to your dear ones? For Marie it´s pretty easy, of course, but presents for men are the toughtest! Share your ideas, if you know already :).
Sorry to those I didn´t respond to in the comments... Thanks to all your comments and kind words! I´m just lately not really able to respond to everyone, as I still don´t feel very well and sometimes try to stay off the computer :).