Wednesday, December 29, 2010

in the country

I´m back from a great trip to my husband´s parents´ place. We visited our friends, who are artists - I got a great paper native scene our friend made, but I have to cut it out and stick together first. We went for a long walk in the freezy and snowy fields and forest, it was perfect. I saw a great czech movie, Happy end. I have never seen anything like it. The way this film is made is exceptional - the whole movie runs backwards (from the end of the film to the beginning), but there is also a narration, which makes it a completelely different logical story at the same time. It starts when the main character is killed (but he actually just starts to live...), because he murdered his wife, then you see him bringing the dead wife to life etc., back to the time when they first met at he end of the film. It´s very funny, perfectly made with attention to every detail (i.e. the dialogues in the film are spoken "backwards", of course, but they make sense "both ways" and are funny. I think I was laughing all the time while watching this - there are great jokes with food - you see people eat backwards - they pull the food out of their mouths, spit out backwards... just simple things, but so witty. When a baby is "born", they say thay lost the baby forever... and it´s thrue! I loved it. Very original movie.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

presents presents!

I got so many presents this year! My husband (who is, as we all know, quite insane...) was really trying to make fun and wrapped all my presents into various packaging from computer devices - I was a bit freaked out that he gave me a hard-disc or a cell phone... I really didn´t want to get these :). But it always turned out to be something nice like crayons or chocolates. Aaaand...! I got an easel! I´ve wanted one for a long time - I´ve been painting on the table and although I´m used to that and don´t mind much, after standing all day on my feet, it was quite tiring to stand above the table again in the evening, while painting. I see some paintings in my near future! I just have to get used to paint on the easel, I guess it´s a bit different and maybe more difficult in some ways than on the flat surface. But, I´m really looking forward to that. I want to paint some men... I´ve seen a photo of a naked man in a magazine (it was an Yves Saint Laurent advertisement) and I´m quite obssesed by that picture - don´t know why! The photo just seemed strangely beautiful to me... But, it´s more difficult to paint men than women - at least to me. I have plenty of ideas, let´s see if it´s possible to follow through them! Also, there are few unfinished sewing projects - my (hopefully) fabulous skirt and a leather bag...

Thursday, December 23, 2010

happy holidays!

This is probably my last painting in 2010. I hope others will follow soon in 2011!
Happy Christmass to everyone and enjoy the new year!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010


I made three snowmen today - this is one of them. Pregnant, nude snow - woman :). I like the flowers on her head. The other two are an alien and a cat.
Also, I´ve read an article about one of the most famous czech photographers, Miroslav Tichý. It´s kind of embarassing, if you read something about him or his "mottos": "If you want to be famous, you must do something more badly than anybody in the entire world." I saw a small video, where he says he "hates life, people, women and marriage" (!). Well, that pretty much sums it up, right? That made me laugh a lot and also feel quite sad at the same time. I´m not amazed by his photos, and I don´t really understand why is he so famous. Maybe people just want scandals and bad guys in art...

Monday, December 20, 2010

the tree

We went for a short walk in the evening and I took a picture of our village christmas tree. Can´t wait for our own tree at home!


Clothes! I think about clothes all the time - it´s relaxing, instead of, let´s say, thinking about money, food, health, my future job, my future... Future in general is something that scares me (it´s one of signs of depression, I think :). So, I prefer to think about stupid things like what I want to paint or what I want to wear.
I´m amazed by this red coat by Louis Vuitton. I don´t like the shape at all, but the collar! Wow.
I´m inspired by this pink dress by Bokica Bo (love the clothes she makes!).
I want a pair of throusers with these blue/white stripes.
I adore this dress nad coat.
One black wrap dress, please...
And most of all, I need something like this :).

Saturday, December 18, 2010

about children and The road

I read an interesting interview yesterday, while waiting at the doctor´s (the magazine was there for the patients). It was a big interview with one of the most famous czech actresses/celebrities, mainly about children and marriage, but life generally. She has 6 children (two of them adopted); one of her children died of a rare illness as a baby. She´s married for the third time. I´m not her big fan (though I guess what she does in the theater is amazing), but whenever I read something she says, it´s really nice. She has extraordinary energy and humour. There was a lot about children... that it´s hard to care about them when they are 2 years old and are ill... but it´s even harder when they´re 20something and have girl/boyfriends. The life attitude is simply, no matter what you come into, you have to carry on and try your best at being possitive. The end of the article was quite moving (for me): "we all sometimes feel unloved, ugly, exhausted (or something like that), but you just have to push these thoughts away and smile like the bad things never existed" (loosely interpreted; I don´t remember it well). I hear similar things quite often, but I like that. You can probably listen to something over and over, if it makes you feel good (or better).
As a mother, I was quite relieved when I realized two things/rules: 1. love the child, 2. try not to kill it. That works pretty well for me so far :).

I´m also reading a terrific book, The Road by Cormac McCarthy. I´ve been reading a few novels lately, and it feels great after so much time spent by reading the school books only and studying... but this one speaks to me more than the others. I can really feel the atmosphere, the characters feel so close. It´s the kind of book you never want to end. I´m looking forward to seeing the movie... has anyone seen it?

Friday, December 17, 2010

ships and birds

I admire Ann Wood´s work, especially the birds and ships. They seem strangely symbolic to me. There are more artists that make birds, and I like all of them. The ships are quite rare, I guess. The white, etheral ones are like some mythical ships, carrying ghots of wandering souls. It also reminds me of the film "The science of sleep", which I liked so much. The girl Stephanie created a small white dreamy boat, and this boat was what I liked most in that film.
I made a bird for my friend - very easy to put together, but it took me a lot of time to finish it anyway. Beads, lace, lurex, buttons, sequins!

I can´t seem to figure out how to work with the photos... it´s kind of chaotic. Any ideas/advices? :)

nativity scenes

I´m really looking forward to Christmas this year. I was busy writing my thesis a year ago, and was very ill the year before that. I even wasn´t giving presents to anyone last two years! Horrible.
I love these paper nativity scenes we have at home.

Thursday, December 16, 2010


After some thinking, I decided to have this new blog. I´m pretty excited about that, but not too much, because I´m a shy person. Shy people get excited sometimes, but they are too shy to admit... I´m a pessimistic, nervous, unstable person, who is stressed to make a phonecall. I love Woody Allen´s films and humour, tomatoes, films, painting and creating... and I´m trying really hard to be a normal person while living with my mad husband, who is a pastor, and our daughter, who is too young to be mad, but otherwise looks just like my husband. I like to laugh a lot :).