Friday, December 17, 2010

ships and birds

I admire Ann Wood´s work, especially the birds and ships. They seem strangely symbolic to me. There are more artists that make birds, and I like all of them. The ships are quite rare, I guess. The white, etheral ones are like some mythical ships, carrying ghots of wandering souls. It also reminds me of the film "The science of sleep", which I liked so much. The girl Stephanie created a small white dreamy boat, and this boat was what I liked most in that film.
I made a bird for my friend - very easy to put together, but it took me a lot of time to finish it anyway. Beads, lace, lurex, buttons, sequins!

I can´t seem to figure out how to work with the photos... it´s kind of chaotic. Any ideas/advices? :)


  1. Oh I really like The Science of Sleep!CS

  2. Me too! I love movies about dreams... (The eternal sunshine of the spotless mind was similar, although it was not about dreams, but it was close). Also, G. G. Bernal! :)

  3. Oh I really like your new blog and want to follow it more regularly from now on! This bird you made is great! :) Did you make the pattern yourself?

  4. Hi Nette, I found the pattern here:
    I didn´t dowload it, I just drew it on the paper while looking at the picture :). They suggest handsewing, but I used the sewing machine to assemble it. But I would like to make a different bird pattern myself...

  5. it is really lovely! i think your friend is going to love it! :)
    thanks for the link and have a nice sunday!