Saturday, December 18, 2010

about children and The road

I read an interesting interview yesterday, while waiting at the doctor´s (the magazine was there for the patients). It was a big interview with one of the most famous czech actresses/celebrities, mainly about children and marriage, but life generally. She has 6 children (two of them adopted); one of her children died of a rare illness as a baby. She´s married for the third time. I´m not her big fan (though I guess what she does in the theater is amazing), but whenever I read something she says, it´s really nice. She has extraordinary energy and humour. There was a lot about children... that it´s hard to care about them when they are 2 years old and are ill... but it´s even harder when they´re 20something and have girl/boyfriends. The life attitude is simply, no matter what you come into, you have to carry on and try your best at being possitive. The end of the article was quite moving (for me): "we all sometimes feel unloved, ugly, exhausted (or something like that), but you just have to push these thoughts away and smile like the bad things never existed" (loosely interpreted; I don´t remember it well). I hear similar things quite often, but I like that. You can probably listen to something over and over, if it makes you feel good (or better).
As a mother, I was quite relieved when I realized two things/rules: 1. love the child, 2. try not to kill it. That works pretty well for me so far :).

I´m also reading a terrific book, The Road by Cormac McCarthy. I´ve been reading a few novels lately, and it feels great after so much time spent by reading the school books only and studying... but this one speaks to me more than the others. I can really feel the atmosphere, the characters feel so close. It´s the kind of book you never want to end. I´m looking forward to seeing the movie... has anyone seen it?


  1. found a great interview with Viggo Motrensen about the film! go read it here:

  2. I just saw the movie recently. I haven't read the book yet but my husband has it so I need to. Is it bad to see the movie first? It's a great movie.

  3. I really recommend the book, and it reads very quicky... it´s fairly short. A friend of mine has both seen the movie and read the book, and told me he liked both a lot. He actually read the book three times! :)