Thursday, December 16, 2010


After some thinking, I decided to have this new blog. I´m pretty excited about that, but not too much, because I´m a shy person. Shy people get excited sometimes, but they are too shy to admit... I´m a pessimistic, nervous, unstable person, who is stressed to make a phonecall. I love Woody Allen´s films and humour, tomatoes, films, painting and creating... and I´m trying really hard to be a normal person while living with my mad husband, who is a pastor, and our daughter, who is too young to be mad, but otherwise looks just like my husband. I like to laugh a lot :).


  1. Welcome to Blogville Jana!
    I am glad you decided to run a blog!
    I hope we will get to see a lot more of your creative power and of course, learn more about you!

  2. Oh, hello Maya! I am a bit overwhelmed at the moment... I haven´t mastered the way blogspot works yet. And I´m dissapointed that the photos appear quite small. But, I´m happy to be here :)

  3. Ah ha ! Love your introduction! Great blog!Xcarottesauvage

  4. Hello, not so Anonymous Carotte :)