Sunday, December 26, 2010

presents presents!

I got so many presents this year! My husband (who is, as we all know, quite insane...) was really trying to make fun and wrapped all my presents into various packaging from computer devices - I was a bit freaked out that he gave me a hard-disc or a cell phone... I really didn´t want to get these :). But it always turned out to be something nice like crayons or chocolates. Aaaand...! I got an easel! I´ve wanted one for a long time - I´ve been painting on the table and although I´m used to that and don´t mind much, after standing all day on my feet, it was quite tiring to stand above the table again in the evening, while painting. I see some paintings in my near future! I just have to get used to paint on the easel, I guess it´s a bit different and maybe more difficult in some ways than on the flat surface. But, I´m really looking forward to that. I want to paint some men... I´ve seen a photo of a naked man in a magazine (it was an Yves Saint Laurent advertisement) and I´m quite obssesed by that picture - don´t know why! The photo just seemed strangely beautiful to me... But, it´s more difficult to paint men than women - at least to me. I have plenty of ideas, let´s see if it´s possible to follow through them! Also, there are few unfinished sewing projects - my (hopefully) fabulous skirt and a leather bag...


  1. oh, I am looking forward to see your men drawings! and, of course, your sewing projects! :)

  2. thanks for your comment, Nette! I hope I will get something done soon... :)