Friday, December 17, 2010

nativity scenes

I´m really looking forward to Christmas this year. I was busy writing my thesis a year ago, and was very ill the year before that. I even wasn´t giving presents to anyone last two years! Horrible.
I love these paper nativity scenes we have at home.


  1. I love Nativity scenes too! When looking at them they kind of vibrate calmness all around and make me perfectly content and happy. Just like suffocated with love - Amazing!

  2. My favourite ones are those with the palm trees, but there are many inspired by european history and traditions... My husband comes from a town, where is a whole museum devoted to these things... there are many huge, wooden nativity scenes. It´s such a shame I haven´t been there yet! When we get there, I have to go as soon as possible.

  3. We have the one on the bottom! Maybe even the one on top. And then a bigger one, with smaller figures, older. I should look it up and take photos!

  4. You definitely should! I would like to take a look at them :)