Wednesday, December 29, 2010

in the country

I´m back from a great trip to my husband´s parents´ place. We visited our friends, who are artists - I got a great paper native scene our friend made, but I have to cut it out and stick together first. We went for a long walk in the freezy and snowy fields and forest, it was perfect. I saw a great czech movie, Happy end. I have never seen anything like it. The way this film is made is exceptional - the whole movie runs backwards (from the end of the film to the beginning), but there is also a narration, which makes it a completelely different logical story at the same time. It starts when the main character is killed (but he actually just starts to live...), because he murdered his wife, then you see him bringing the dead wife to life etc., back to the time when they first met at he end of the film. It´s very funny, perfectly made with attention to every detail (i.e. the dialogues in the film are spoken "backwards", of course, but they make sense "both ways" and are funny. I think I was laughing all the time while watching this - there are great jokes with food - you see people eat backwards - they pull the food out of their mouths, spit out backwards... just simple things, but so witty. When a baby is "born", they say thay lost the baby forever... and it´s thrue! I loved it. Very original movie.

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