Thursday, April 18, 2013

exhibition in May

So it´s official :). My next, long awaited and big exhibition will take place at 22 May in Prague. It´s going to be my third exhibition this year; I´m very lucky that people want to see my paintings hanging in public places! Now all I have to do is work hard, so that I finish everything I need for the exhibition (though I´m not sure I can accomplish that). I´m looking forward to it very much! I´m just afraid not many people will come, as it´s quite late in the evening... and Wednesday. Please, come if you can! I´ll be definitely there :).

Andulka turned one!

Our beautiful baby Anna turned 1 year on 11. 4. Happy birthday, darling!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

my dream house and interior design

I just want to live in Villa Villekulla :). I love this house and everything that´s inside it. That furniture and colors, the wood panelling! Love it!

Also, Pippi is my hero. Her story and personality will always fascinate me.