Thursday, September 27, 2012

new windows

The long awaited reconstruction began... We are going to have new windows (there are already new ones in the kitchen, bathroom, toilet and pantry). Unfortunatelly, most of the windows are going to be changed from simple rectangle shape into a curved shape with a column in the middle (as the windows were built originally in 19th century)... We didn´t want this (me and my husband), but we are only renters in this house, so there´s nothing we could do. This means tearing down the walls around the windows and much, much mess around. Bricks everywhere, dust (lots of dust). If they only changed the window within its current shape, it would be much easier for everyone, but... that´s not going to happen. I´m kind of upset at this, but let´s hope we are all going to survive this long and exhausting reconstruction. The new windows are certainly going to be fab, that´s for sure, but the price is high (boht figuratively and literally speaking).
This is happening at our house right now (so far not the part of the house where our rooms are):
Fingers crossed this is going to end up well.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Monday, September 10, 2012

exhibition at home (almost)

Twice a year my husband (who studied history of art before he studied theology) prepares exhibiton at our church. Some people are not very happy with this, as they think that protestants should have plain church interiors, no art and such. But some people like art and paintings, so he continues with these exhibitions... I was very glad that some people from our congregation wanted to see my paintings there. My husband wasn´t very keen on making a speech for me before the exhibition, but he did anyway :). The opening was great, some of our friends came and my husband´s speech was nice. I couldn´t finish the hotel painting, but I decided to hang it unfinished. I´m ill now, but when I gain some strengh again, I´ll take it home and continue painting it. And the best thing! People actually wanted to buy my paintings. Six paintings are going to go to a new home when the exhibition ends, hopefully (I hope noone changes their mind! :). That means I´ll be left with almost no paintings for future exhibitions... I have to buy new canvases and paint many new paintings :).

Monday, September 3, 2012


Blue selfportrait, another one I documented. I painted it over a Jan Hus drawing :D.
Today was Marie´s first day of kindergarten/preschool and it was super stressful for me... But, she was doing great and everything went very well. She loved the place and everyone was very kind to her. I hope it´s going to be ok.
I´m busy painting - I have an exhibiton on sunday! I would be sooo happy to have the hotel painting finished, but I´m not sure I´ll have enough time to finish it. Anyway, I´m looking forward to it very much.