Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Before sun...

A while ago, I desparately wanted to see a good, romantic, positive, intelligent, interesting movie. I was thinking hard what to look for and then I remembered: Before sunrise/Before sunset could be the one! I´ve read about it few times but it took me long time to actually see it. We saw Before sunrise at first and it was good - an original love story that´s more about talking than about doing anything. Two strangers (played by Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy) that meet, talk, walk, fall in love... for one night (in Wienna!).

And then we saw Before sunset, of course. The sequel takes place nine years later after the first one, when the characters meet again (in Paris!). Older, maybe more wise and honest... but definitely with a much better script :). We loved Before sunset, the film was breathtaking, so well made and written. Again, it´s talking, talking about love, life, sex, relationships... but in more dramatic and mature way. It´s all very natural and outstanding at the same time. After we watched it, I had immediate urge to watch it again. It also has a genius ending to it. Great film!
  And Julie Delpy had gorgeous clothes on in this film :). Don´t you love the cream jacket and the black blouse? I would wear both :).

kid´s room upgrades

I wrote it many times before: I love our kid´s (now Marie´s) room. I had big doubts (March this year) if it´s a good idea to move Marie to a separate room which is upstairs, if she´s old enough to handle this and to sleep there. It turned out it was a great idea - she loves the room,  although I have to admit sometimes it´s a hassle to go upstairs to her in the middle of the night when she accidently wakes up. Or when she doesen´t want to sleep in the evening and I have to come to her bed repeatedly (across our bedroom where Andulka sleeps or tries to fall asleep). I admit, it´s complicated sometimes, and not the best solution, but we love the room - for playing and for sleeping, too. It´s huge, cozy, quiet, it´s interesting with lots of nooks and corners.
I made this thing for Marie´s bed - I don´t know how to call it! She calls it a "giant snake" :). There is a gap on her bed between the mattres and the iron bed part (however it is called...), and this gap and the iron was causing several problems. I needed to hide the iron and fill the gap somehow - so I made this long cylinder filled with hollow fibre. Now the bed is comfy and safe. I´m very satisfied with this solution :).
And after I saw the new Ikea catalog I wanted to make an island for playing made from a pallet! With carpet on top. I was lucky, soon we happened to have two spare pallets in our house. We took it to the room, but I had to improvise with the covering, because I haven´t bought the right carpet yet. I used few old small carpets instead, but I plan to buy a new one later and improve the whole thing :).


Sunday, October 28, 2012


My husband took this photo of me (or, my behind, haha!) yesterday. Snow everywhere! We were kind of shocked to have snow in October. I have to admit, I don´t really like winter (I´m not saying I hate winter, as I want to have a positive attitude ;-) and I don´t like snow... It´s cold, you know! Haha. The only good thing about winter is christmas... and Marie´s and mine birthday. But! I decided to be even kinder person and find some more good things about winter time and cold, dark weather. Wish me luck!


Friday, October 19, 2012

foxes, again

I made another version of one of my paintings, Foxes... for my friend.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

here and there...

We´be been to a great wedding of my dear friend Anna. I made white tulle dress for Marie with a red flower brooch. We slept at a hotel with the kids, and Marie loved that.
Andulka turned six moths, she´s so big and chubby now! Unfortunatelly she´s ill, I just hope she´ll get better soon.
We enjoy our new windows - it´s much easier to keep the house warm now. No cold wind blowing inside through the windows this winter. I love how our living room looks.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

no cool design...

but I love this room. It´s so cozy and we all like to hang out in there. Photos taken before the window was changed.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

finished inside!

Today was the last day of working inside and we could move back. It´s beautiful! A lot of work was also done outside, you can see on the photo how the columns are made with the ornaments on them. Now I can really see how good idea it was to make these arched windows (plus my husband told me today that it was actually impossible to make rectangle windows again, as the building needed to be reconstructed in historically accurate way).
Still a lot of mess inside, but we´re working on it! :)

Friday, October 5, 2012

windows reconstruction: photos

It´s all finally coming to an end... At the moment, the house is covered in dust and full of flies, as the doors are all open, workmen still coming in and out and wind blowing everywhere. We had to move out of our place, which is quite challenging. I can´t wait to go back to our home. Of course, we are very lucky to have a place to stay within the house.
It´s all very fascinating for me... We are renovating the house into its former glory, but are we really (as "we" I mean our congregation)? The photos documenting how the house looked before 1960s are very old and bad quality. We know that in 1961 the windows were changed into rectagle shape, and arches everywhere (there was one also above the main door) were rebuilt into straight lines. It was probably too expensive to keep the arches, and also not in fashion those days (it´s expensive now too :).
Anyway, it´s so beautiful now! Very romantic, those arched windows are really something special. They´re wooden, as the house is a historic building and needs to be taken care of in a certain way, ie. plastic windows are not allowed. I´m in awe at the history that´s behind the house, all those renovations... after you make something, the house looks like it was like that from the beginning. You can´t tell, unless you have some old photos. There are only few. There was a major renovation in 1961, as was mentioned before, that included big interior changes, changing dispositions of kitchen, bathroom etc. There were probably many many changes outside the house... Big step was building the attic, that was in 1980s I guess (before there were no rooms, it was inhabitable).