Sunday, October 28, 2012


My husband took this photo of me (or, my behind, haha!) yesterday. Snow everywhere! We were kind of shocked to have snow in October. I have to admit, I don´t really like winter (I´m not saying I hate winter, as I want to have a positive attitude ;-) and I don´t like snow... It´s cold, you know! Haha. The only good thing about winter is christmas... and Marie´s and mine birthday. But! I decided to be even kinder person and find some more good things about winter time and cold, dark weather. Wish me luck!



  1. Snow! I like snow when it comes just once a year. More than that is too much.

  2. So much snow! I like snow, but October is definitely not supposed to be that snowy. Really, it's not supposed to be snowy at all! When's Martin, exactly? - It snowed here around Brno where I am now as well, but hardly so much.

    And, as my sister remarked, when it gets so dark so early as it did yesterday when it snowed, one can only think of Christmas.

  3. Yeah... once a year it´s ok (if it doesen´t last months).
    Martin´s 11th November, I guess - that´s around the corner :). I´m still waiting for the snow to melt, but no such luck yet. The temperature is low and the snow stays... Oh well. Of course I think of christmas! I´m looking forward to it so much. And planning presents :).