Sunday, August 14, 2011

clothes for Marie

So, instead of buying, I made few clothes for little Marie :). Making child garments is usually quick and easy (as the fit isn´t so important), so it´s really enjoyable. I use simple patterns with cheap fabrics which make the process really fuss free. All the patterns are from 1992 Burda mag my grandma gave me - she used to make clothes for me and my brother with it when we were kids :). With this single Burda I already made two pairs of throusers for Marie (and now the coat and the leggings). I´m also making a winter coat with the same pattern now, minus the ruffles in the front and minus the hood, unfortunatelly, because I don´t have enough fabric. Instead of the hood I´m making a collar, which I like too! And I plan to make her some nice cord pants, too. I love making these small pieces.
And look at this beauty! I accidentally picked a zucchini with a bud and took it home, and then it bloomed like this in our kitchen :).

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

children´s clothes

Oh my! A friend told me about this wonderful store Veselá nohavice (something like "Cheerful pant") with kids chlothes and I´m totally amazed. I´m especially attracted to their fall and winter designs (not surprisingly, as the fall inevitably approaches). I´m afraid I want to buy something :). My favourites above.

inspired and obsessed

I´ve came across the (czech) designer Hana Zárubová few times recently. I read about her in an old Burda magazine, and loved her work. Some of it is of course too eccentric for me (or for most people) to wear, but I´ve been really thrilled by few designs. She uses mostly basic black, white and grey for colours. The materials are often soft looking knits, and I became obsessed by the idea to make a knit dress inspired by these. Especially I love the grey short sleeved dress from the Chmo collection. My second favourite is the black jacket from the No collection - very wearable and interesting shape. I´m also showing her white Chmo dress, and that´s mainly because some time ago I bought some light beige knit which would be perfect for something like this. Soft, ruched, full dress...

in the garden II.

Another painting inspired by Adam and Eve. This one was so hard to make - I was working on it for many months, constantly starting over and over again. I was frequently thinking about throwing it away during the process. But I knew, that if I hold on with this painting to the end and finish it properly, it will be very rewarding :).