Tuesday, April 17, 2012

at home with Anna

Our beautiful daughter Anna was born on 11. 4. 2012. I had cesarean section (like first time with Marie), but my husband was with me at the hospital and during the surgery, which was great (it was not possible for the first time three years ago at different hospital). I´m still quite tired, exhausted and full of aches, but otherwise very happy. Anna is amazing :).
I´m also reading a terrific book: Mittagsfrau by Julia Franck. A beautifully told story about a woman, starting in 1. world war. Truly amazing with all the historical details.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

black leather bag

My new leather bag is finished finallly! It took me a long time to make it from the beginning to the end (I was working on it just here and there), but totally it was quite simple and quick to make. I made it out of an old leather coat from my friend (he bought it for me in a second hand shop in Hamburg and I gave him my graphics print in exchange :D). To tell the truth, I´m not sure what to think about it. The bag looks kind of brutal, and I nearly destroyed my sewing machine when making it, I think. I broke my leather needle, but I´m done with sewing leather I guess! Anyway, I plan to wear it. It´s not elegant, but I never aspired to be "elegant", really. It´ s practical (lots of pockets), big and sturdy. I´m not going to apply for a job wearing this bag, so it should be ok...? I don´t really know :). My thoughts when completing the bag were "I should save my money and buy a new, nice bag", haha. Well, I´m certainly going to give this bag a chance. My beige leather bag I made earlier is falling into pieces anyway... sadly. Maybe some nice brooch would save this black one? Let me know what you think :). My inspiration for the bag were Shannon South´s remade bags and rennes´Market tote bags.

Monday, April 2, 2012

waldorf doll

I made a new waldorf doll! It was not very easy process, as I had to make the arms smaller after the doll was completed... I didn´t realise they are going to be so big when I started. The doll is quite tall, around 50cm (I didn´t measure it). The dress is a bit small for her, but I like the dress anyway.