Wednesday, November 28, 2012

end of November

 I made these "drop scones" (???) today, not sure how to call them in English. It´s the type of dough with yeast in it, and when it rises up, it´s fried in oil in round shapes with a hole in one side. I hope this description makes sense a bit :). The result being these lovely yummy drop scones, that we ate with plum jam and sweetened sour cream. Delicious! The only negative thing is that you have to use huge amount of oil to make these.
Some of you maybe wondered if I bought the painting I talked about in previous post: I didn´t and don´t intend to. I was told something I don´t want to write about on this blog, but it prevents me from wanting the painting... and truth is, we have tons of original paintings at home (though mostly small ones, graphics and such). My husband studied history/theory of art, knows many artists, and they were always giving him (or us) their works, so we really have enough. Plus I can always paint one myself, right? :)

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Monday, November 19, 2012

paintings of David Bartoň

 I loved drawing and painting since I was a small child, but I really started to paint (more or less seriously) ten years ago, in 2002. In that time, I saw paintings made by David Bartoň, moravian painter, and I loved them immediatelly. At most I love what I call his "abstract landscapes", but he paints also fun portraits of his friends and people he saw in pub. The landscapes are so beautiful, bold colours, optimistic, energic paintings. There was a time (in 2002/2003) when I wanted to paint like him. I really tried, haha, but obviously I couldn´t achieve anything similar (maybe later I´ll show you some of my old paintings, so that you know how much I was inspired by him... I almost tried to copy his style :). I love the squares he usually paints the landscapes on, I love his colours, everything. For a long time I´ve kind of forgotten about him, and didn´t see his paintings anywhere... But recently I started to think about my own "painting journey", how I would like to write about my paintings from the beginning, who and what influenced and inspired me, and why did I paint in the first place. I just began to think about all this in my head and thought about writing a post about this on this blog, but I realize this would take me a long time and some research (and also the actual post would be quite long). It will maybe be a while before I manage to write this. But - today I started to make the research, and I found David Bartoň :). And I have to say, after years and years, and after my vision of what I would like to paint changed a lot, I still love his paintings. Today, as I was looking at his work I actually thought about buying one of them, but since I mostly love the big ones, it would be probably expensive :). I can already see the painting on our beautiful grey wall in the living room... Oh well. (My husband told me there is actually a chance it wouldn´t be so expensive, so... :)
Here you can see his other works, I highly recomment clicking through them.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

christmas decorating

I wasn´t much into decorating for christmas and winter time in recent years... but this year I really want some decorations and ornaments around the house. (I know it´s probably too early for this :). I´d love the hang some dried oranges and lemons, some christmassy flowers maybe, straw ornaments, I would like to make some ornaments myself... maybe some birds? I´m also much happier now than I was at this time a year ago. I´m painting like a devil and it´s giving me some great energy :).

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

small canvases

Recently I had the idea to paint on small canvases and bought several of them. I really like this; painting details, small scenes... It takes a long to paint over big canvas, this is a bit quicker, which is also good. This is the first one (25x30cm), a painting of our last year trip to Italy. I made drawings along the way, inspired by our friend on the trip, who also made drawings of the things we saw during our way. The boys were sitting in the front, and we girls in the back, drawing. From the beginning I knew I wanted to make a painting (or more) with these drawings. That´s me and my friend in the picture.

I fell in love with another house...

...and I love it so much I can hardly stand it! :) Oh my, this building is so so so beautiful. I started to like it a long time ago, and made a painting of it already, but then I found out I didn´t take a good photo of the house - a huge part was missing on the photo. It´s almost impossilble to take a photo of this house, as it stands right next to the road (quite busy road), and there´s no place to park the car. But today, thanks to the internet and Google maps, I found great photos of the house. And I want to paint this house for the second time. Well, in fact, I would like to actually buy the whole house, but it´s practically a pallace, so I don´t think this is possible :). (Not that I have enought money for a small house, haha.) I just think it´s so gorgeous.
I love you, want you, need you, baby!

Monday, November 12, 2012

hotel Hrušov

Finally finished. For my friend who had a dream about a woman entering hotel Hrušov while sitting on a dog and lighting her way with a mushroom :). I changed the scene a bit and made a woman with a pram instead, because my friend is a new mother. I really liked the idea of the mushroom, so I kept that.
Another painting is almost finished and I have some exhibitions planned in January, so I have to try to be a bit quicker with my paintings. It makes me incredibly happy to do this.

Saturday, November 3, 2012


Visited my friend - she has a baby girl one month older than Andulka. She took this cute photo of the kids. It´s so funny how the babies can´t move in their winter overalls. They look so helpless.
Beside A. my new bag! I love it. I didn´t make it... (but it´s handmade!). I kind of gave up at making bags.
Christmas just around the corner (well, almost), and I love that! I look forward to christmas sooooo much! I already bought some presents - I love them :). This year I´m going to give splendid presents to everybody! And in December we also have 10th anniversary of our wedding! Can you believe that? We got married 10years ago! I was such a young bride, you know. If you think of some great way to celebrate this, let me know. I was thinking about doing something crazy, but if not, drinking wine and eating chocolate while watching a good film is also ok. Anyway, our wedding story is an amusing one, I can tell you about that when time comes.