Saturday, November 3, 2012


Visited my friend - she has a baby girl one month older than Andulka. She took this cute photo of the kids. It´s so funny how the babies can´t move in their winter overalls. They look so helpless.
Beside A. my new bag! I love it. I didn´t make it... (but it´s handmade!). I kind of gave up at making bags.
Christmas just around the corner (well, almost), and I love that! I look forward to christmas sooooo much! I already bought some presents - I love them :). This year I´m going to give splendid presents to everybody! And in December we also have 10th anniversary of our wedding! Can you believe that? We got married 10years ago! I was such a young bride, you know. If you think of some great way to celebrate this, let me know. I was thinking about doing something crazy, but if not, drinking wine and eating chocolate while watching a good film is also ok. Anyway, our wedding story is an amusing one, I can tell you about that when time comes.

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  1. Congratulations!! =) And all the little ones look adorable!