Monday, November 19, 2012

paintings of David Bartoň

 I loved drawing and painting since I was a small child, but I really started to paint (more or less seriously) ten years ago, in 2002. In that time, I saw paintings made by David Bartoň, moravian painter, and I loved them immediatelly. At most I love what I call his "abstract landscapes", but he paints also fun portraits of his friends and people he saw in pub. The landscapes are so beautiful, bold colours, optimistic, energic paintings. There was a time (in 2002/2003) when I wanted to paint like him. I really tried, haha, but obviously I couldn´t achieve anything similar (maybe later I´ll show you some of my old paintings, so that you know how much I was inspired by him... I almost tried to copy his style :). I love the squares he usually paints the landscapes on, I love his colours, everything. For a long time I´ve kind of forgotten about him, and didn´t see his paintings anywhere... But recently I started to think about my own "painting journey", how I would like to write about my paintings from the beginning, who and what influenced and inspired me, and why did I paint in the first place. I just began to think about all this in my head and thought about writing a post about this on this blog, but I realize this would take me a long time and some research (and also the actual post would be quite long). It will maybe be a while before I manage to write this. But - today I started to make the research, and I found David Bartoň :). And I have to say, after years and years, and after my vision of what I would like to paint changed a lot, I still love his paintings. Today, as I was looking at his work I actually thought about buying one of them, but since I mostly love the big ones, it would be probably expensive :). I can already see the painting on our beautiful grey wall in the living room... Oh well. (My husband told me there is actually a chance it wouldn´t be so expensive, so... :)
Here you can see his other works, I highly recomment clicking through them.

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  1. It's very funny, that I love his paintings too...I discovered Bartoň in Telč galerry during my holiday. We bought your painting after that because it reminded us Bartoň so much. Your images have something in common and would be a great addition to complement each other on the wall. I hope you buy one! Alena Hořany