Wednesday, November 28, 2012

end of November

 I made these "drop scones" (???) today, not sure how to call them in English. It´s the type of dough with yeast in it, and when it rises up, it´s fried in oil in round shapes with a hole in one side. I hope this description makes sense a bit :). The result being these lovely yummy drop scones, that we ate with plum jam and sweetened sour cream. Delicious! The only negative thing is that you have to use huge amount of oil to make these.
Some of you maybe wondered if I bought the painting I talked about in previous post: I didn´t and don´t intend to. I was told something I don´t want to write about on this blog, but it prevents me from wanting the painting... and truth is, we have tons of original paintings at home (though mostly small ones, graphics and such). My husband studied history/theory of art, knows many artists, and they were always giving him (or us) their works, so we really have enough. Plus I can always paint one myself, right? :)


  1. Are they sweet? Like a doughnut? They look delicious! (says the pregnant lady-- everything looks delicious to me :)

  2. It´s only a little bit sweet... two table spoons of sugar. You add sweet topping on it, jam etc. But doughnut could be the right word!