Tuesday, November 13, 2012

I fell in love with another house...

...and I love it so much I can hardly stand it! :) Oh my, this building is so so so beautiful. I started to like it a long time ago, and made a painting of it already, but then I found out I didn´t take a good photo of the house - a huge part was missing on the photo. It´s almost impossilble to take a photo of this house, as it stands right next to the road (quite busy road), and there´s no place to park the car. But today, thanks to the internet and Google maps, I found great photos of the house. And I want to paint this house for the second time. Well, in fact, I would like to actually buy the whole house, but it´s practically a pallace, so I don´t think this is possible :). (Not that I have enought money for a small house, haha.) I just think it´s so gorgeous.
I love you, want you, need you, baby!


  1. It IS gorgeous! I fall in love with houses like that myself, and also want to have them and cannot have them. :D

  2. That is a house?! It is beautiful!

  3. Well, I even searched for the owner (oh yes, I did, there are two :), and they say it´s a "family house" :D. Family castle, I´d say...

  4. I understand you are in love with this "house".