Tuesday, March 27, 2012

bird slipcover

I made a new slipcover for an old car seat we were given. The original fabric was very old and worn out. I used a sturdy Ikea fabric - I´m just afraid the colours are too light and that it will get dirty soon. Anyway, it can be taken off and washed. It makes me happy to repair something and bring it to a new life :). I made a picture of my huge belly... I look like I could burst any day now.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Saturday, March 17, 2012

dress for Marie

I made a new dress for Marie... let´s see if she´s going to wear it :). It´s a bit risky to make anything for her, as she gets quite picky about her clothes. Well, the dress I made her last year is probably too small already, so I think we´ll use this one. It´s quite long, as she likes to pretend she´s a princess... it´s pretty sweet when she sings and dances in the dress at home.
And I´m also showing the knit pants I made for her, at first she liked them but now she doesen´t... oh well :). I should probably only make clothes for myself, because I can be sure someone (me) will wear it!
I´m in awe at the weather. I can´t believe it´s so warm already. We enjoy being outside a lot, Marie running all the time. The winter is over and it was awful - we stayed a lot at home, which was so tiring. I´m so ready for spring. And I´m also ready to deliver the baby I´m carrying. There are still - probably - few weeks ahead of me with the baby inside, but it feels so close now. We all can´t wait for the baby to be out.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Chloé fall 2006 rtw

I borrowed an old (2007) Burda magazine from the library - I didn´t find anything I would like to sew, but I saw a small image from Chloé fashion show that I loved (above). After some googling I found out it´s Chloé 2006 fall collection. I like the whole collection so much. Of course, some of it is not very flattering, the styles are often boxy and shapeless, but many designs appeal to me a lot. I love the dresses, the colors, it just looks so romantic and wearable. Inspiring for sewing!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

building a house

I had this idea in my head for a longer time: to make a doll house from a cardboard box. We have plenty of these at home, so the only problem would be the construction. Making the base was simple, it´s just a box. I had more throuble with the roof, it takes a bit more thought to make it firm (in the end I couldn´t make it as firm as I wanted...). The house is probably not finished yet, but I´m so pleased with it that I decided to post some photos anyway. I love making the interior - much more fun than the outer construction! I would like to add something yellow... kitchen cabinets or something. Of course, all of this is very simply and quickly made - I didn´t want it to be perfect. Also, it would help to have thicker wrapping paper, which I didn´t. I will probably work on it some more, but if I don´t... I like it anyway the way it is now :).

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

an award for me

I got an award! From the fine girls Lavender and Hana. Thank you ladies, I was very happy to hear this :). I´m not going to nominate anyone, because I don´t really read a lot of blogs. These days I find very little time to sit by the computer, and then I look at three or four blogs I like and know for a long time and that´s it. I don´t feel like I could find anything new for someone out there...

In other news, I´m cleaning up a room for Marie and I´m happy she likes to be in the room a lot. I just don´t know if she´s willing to sleep there. So far, she sleeps downstairs and the spare room is upstairs... It´s a bit of a hassle to walk upstairs for both me and her in the evening. I can´t decide when to put her bed upstairs. Before the baby is born would be probably a better time...
Aaand the baby! My belly is so huge; people keep telling me, wow, you belly is so huge, I had no idea this can get that big! :) Yeah, and for me, it´s pretty difficult. I can´t wait for the baby to be out (but at the same time I need some time before it´s born to organize few things...). My clothes are all almost too small, I have almost nothing to wear now. Well, something over a month to go.

I saw these wooden dolls somewhere on Pinterest recently, and remembered seeing them in a shop in Prague many years ago. I love them! They are 40cm high and there are two kinds: armless and naked, and in wooden dresses with arms. Unfortunately, they are very expensive, I could never afford one. I would buy the naked one and make her a fabric dress...