Saturday, March 17, 2012

dress for Marie

I made a new dress for Marie... let´s see if she´s going to wear it :). It´s a bit risky to make anything for her, as she gets quite picky about her clothes. Well, the dress I made her last year is probably too small already, so I think we´ll use this one. It´s quite long, as she likes to pretend she´s a princess... it´s pretty sweet when she sings and dances in the dress at home.
And I´m also showing the knit pants I made for her, at first she liked them but now she doesen´t... oh well :). I should probably only make clothes for myself, because I can be sure someone (me) will wear it!
I´m in awe at the weather. I can´t believe it´s so warm already. We enjoy being outside a lot, Marie running all the time. The winter is over and it was awful - we stayed a lot at home, which was so tiring. I´m so ready for spring. And I´m also ready to deliver the baby I´m carrying. There are still - probably - few weeks ahead of me with the baby inside, but it feels so close now. We all can´t wait for the baby to be out.


  1. That dress is so sunny and sweet! I'm all about yellow right now.

    1. thanks! I´ve always loved yellow.