Thursday, March 8, 2012

building a house

I had this idea in my head for a longer time: to make a doll house from a cardboard box. We have plenty of these at home, so the only problem would be the construction. Making the base was simple, it´s just a box. I had more throuble with the roof, it takes a bit more thought to make it firm (in the end I couldn´t make it as firm as I wanted...). The house is probably not finished yet, but I´m so pleased with it that I decided to post some photos anyway. I love making the interior - much more fun than the outer construction! I would like to add something yellow... kitchen cabinets or something. Of course, all of this is very simply and quickly made - I didn´t want it to be perfect. Also, it would help to have thicker wrapping paper, which I didn´t. I will probably work on it some more, but if I don´t... I like it anyway the way it is now :).

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