Tuesday, March 6, 2012

an award for me

I got an award! From the fine girls Lavender and Hana. Thank you ladies, I was very happy to hear this :). I´m not going to nominate anyone, because I don´t really read a lot of blogs. These days I find very little time to sit by the computer, and then I look at three or four blogs I like and know for a long time and that´s it. I don´t feel like I could find anything new for someone out there...

In other news, I´m cleaning up a room for Marie and I´m happy she likes to be in the room a lot. I just don´t know if she´s willing to sleep there. So far, she sleeps downstairs and the spare room is upstairs... It´s a bit of a hassle to walk upstairs for both me and her in the evening. I can´t decide when to put her bed upstairs. Before the baby is born would be probably a better time...
Aaand the baby! My belly is so huge; people keep telling me, wow, you belly is so huge, I had no idea this can get that big! :) Yeah, and for me, it´s pretty difficult. I can´t wait for the baby to be out (but at the same time I need some time before it´s born to organize few things...). My clothes are all almost too small, I have almost nothing to wear now. Well, something over a month to go.

I saw these wooden dolls somewhere on Pinterest recently, and remembered seeing them in a shop in Prague many years ago. I love them! They are 40cm high and there are two kinds: armless and naked, and in wooden dresses with arms. Unfortunately, they are very expensive, I could never afford one. I would buy the naked one and make her a fabric dress...


  1. The dolls are gorgeous. It kills me when something so simple is so expensive, but on the other hand I realize the craftsmanship involved.

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