Saturday, December 22, 2012


Part of our advent calendar (late in the evening today I found another, green, sock I made for the calendar. I´ll add it tomorrow).
Marie in a new (old) dress. I would like a similar dress myself :).
M. got ill again, and I´m feeling kind of hopeless and anxious. I feel like being a mother is such a hard thing sometimes. I wish I knew what I was doing wrong and could fix it immediatelly. But maybe I´m too weak and lazy for that.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

christmas baking

I made some great gingerbread cookies (they are so delicious and soft! much better than last year), and a great birthday cake for Marie, who turned four. We enjoyed our little celebration.
All the christmas presents are at home, mostly already wrapped up in fancy paper. My husband´s doing his favourite christmas jokes with presents: putting small items in big boxes so that they look big and expensive :). I kind of can´t wait, but the time is running so quickly. I know the waiting is the most beautiful part of all this. My friend Petra is incredible... I can´t imagine when´s she´s sewing, but she makes a tonne of all kinds of sewing projects. Plus she´s a great cook. And a skilled photographer.

Friday, December 14, 2012

ten years ago

Ten years ago today we got married. I promised to tell some funny stories (we had quite a crazy wedding), but I´m so so so tired now I almost can´t keep my eyes opened. Anyway, happy anniversary to us :).

Thursday, December 13, 2012

the risk of buying presents

I bought these two handmade brooches - they were delivered today. I thought I´ll give them to somebody for christmas, but now when I see them in real life I love them so much I decided to keep them. So much for giving presents :). From this awesome seller.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

snow everywhere

New "christmas" dress for Andulína, and new christmas ornaments for our tree. There is so much snow in our garden.

Monday, December 10, 2012

an interior for a change

After painting woods and houses, I wanted to do something different. This is me years ago in one of the many places we lived.

Sunday, December 9, 2012


Look what I got today! An early christmas present, perhaps :). I love roes. Everytime we´re on a walk I hope to see some. They are such cute animals, elegant, beautiful. Once we visited our friends (they live near a forest), and while standing on their garden, I noticed a little male roe lying in the corner of their garden. It was dying and weak. There was even a dog, and we all were standing and chatting quite long in the garden, but nobody saw it.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

a year ago

A year ago at our friends´ house. Their place is one of the most beautiful homes I´ve ever seen. I loved this advent calendar they had in the kitchen and now I try to make a similar one too. I´m just sure I can´t make it equally beautiful :). I can´t believe Marie was so small, such a cutie.

Friday, December 7, 2012

christmas snowflakes

I made these colourful paper snowflakes for christmas decoration today. I love them, so simple, yet so beautiful.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

hedgehogs II

I painted these white hedgehogs again, for our friends. The colours are a bit different in reality, today was such a dark day (it was almost impossible to take a photo). I like how simple it is. My mother in law gave me some of her old canvases today, and they are huge! It´s definitelly a challenge to paint on that thing.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

beloved december is here!

I love december and I love waiting for christmas. I made this decoration for our front door yesterday. It´s made from fimo candle holder I made last year. It actually didn´t work for tall candles and was kind of weird and ugly, so I put some straw Ikea christmas ornaments on it. I love the goat! Well, probaby it´s not a goat, but I call it like that :). Also I dried some orange and lemon slices, but I don´t know how to use them yet. But dried citruses are a christmas must-have for me.
Another thing that happened: Marie is back in the bedroom, sleeping on the ground floor again. We figured it was too soon for her to sleep alone in the attic. It worked for almost half a year, but then she started to wake up during every night, sometimes two or more times during one night, crying... it was a nightmare. We made her a new bed - it´s very old, actually. Our friend gave us this old baroque bed, but there was nothing to put the mattress on. Also, the bed has quite unusual dimensions (it´s apparently a bed for adults, but people used to be smaller in the past, because it´s shorter and narrower than beds these days), so we had to built new planks and filling under the mattress. The mattress was too long: at first I thought I will cut it, but then I just bent it to fit in the bed. We are so proud to finish this! The bed´s parts were lying in the attic for one year before we managed to make it work. It´s much easier now when Marie´s sleeping there. On the other hand, Andulka is giving us hard time during the nights :). I hope it´s just the teeth causing her problems with sleeping. Oh well. Sleeping or not, we are ok.

p.s. Maybe I´ll buy (or at least try to buy) the Bartoň painting after all... I know I sound like a total idiot now :). I hate how indecisive person I sometimes am.