Saturday, December 1, 2012

beloved december is here!

I love december and I love waiting for christmas. I made this decoration for our front door yesterday. It´s made from fimo candle holder I made last year. It actually didn´t work for tall candles and was kind of weird and ugly, so I put some straw Ikea christmas ornaments on it. I love the goat! Well, probaby it´s not a goat, but I call it like that :). Also I dried some orange and lemon slices, but I don´t know how to use them yet. But dried citruses are a christmas must-have for me.
Another thing that happened: Marie is back in the bedroom, sleeping on the ground floor again. We figured it was too soon for her to sleep alone in the attic. It worked for almost half a year, but then she started to wake up during every night, sometimes two or more times during one night, crying... it was a nightmare. We made her a new bed - it´s very old, actually. Our friend gave us this old baroque bed, but there was nothing to put the mattress on. Also, the bed has quite unusual dimensions (it´s apparently a bed for adults, but people used to be smaller in the past, because it´s shorter and narrower than beds these days), so we had to built new planks and filling under the mattress. The mattress was too long: at first I thought I will cut it, but then I just bent it to fit in the bed. We are so proud to finish this! The bed´s parts were lying in the attic for one year before we managed to make it work. It´s much easier now when Marie´s sleeping there. On the other hand, Andulka is giving us hard time during the nights :). I hope it´s just the teeth causing her problems with sleeping. Oh well. Sleeping or not, we are ok.

p.s. Maybe I´ll buy (or at least try to buy) the Bartoň painting after all... I know I sound like a total idiot now :). I hate how indecisive person I sometimes am.


  1. How old are Marie? As we are having the same trouble, our girl is sleeping in a attic room and she just wakes up and cries. maybe I also did it to early..

    1. She´ll be 4 in two weeks. She´s sleeping in the same room with us now, and there are no problems, she sleeps soundly at night.