Sunday, January 13, 2013

January, here we go...

A lamp/candle holder I got from my dear friend Jana. Looks beautiful with more candles and fits well in our old house.
Baby Andulína, almost crawling... . Her teeth are growing now, which brings a lot of discomfort to all of us (sleepless nights and a lot of crying).
We went to a ball that we go to every year. This year the theme was "Wild wild west" and it was great, again. I made a circle striped scarf for an anonymous winner at the ball. I thought I´m able to make it by myself, but I kind of couldn´t wrap my head around what to sew first and how to construct this primitive thing. In the end I had to find a tutorial for this scarf. It was very easy then.
I wore the black dress I made; this is my favourite dress for so many occasions! I love to wear it, it´s fancy but still very comfortable.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

painting again

For a long time it was impossible to paint for me, because we were so ill... but now I´m back! The first completed painting of 2013 is Marie in the wood (it´s our favourite place in a nearby wood, we love the beech trees there). I´m really happy I painted her in her beloved pink dress :).
I´m kind of sad I don´t sew... It´s really not easy for me, because we both (me and my husband) don´t like the loud sound of sewing machine in the evening, when the children finally get to bed. And Marie sleeps right next to our living room, where I used to sew. Also I kind of regret buying the overlock, but maybe some day I´ll get to use it? I hope to sew during the day, when Andulka grows up a bit.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

happy new year

Happy new year to everyone! I can´t believe it´s 2013 already... so much happened in last year - and so many good things happened to me :).

christmas photos

 Our christmas day was fine, but a little bit sad this year. I was so much looking forward to christmas this year (wait, last year!), but in the end it all went wrong. Marie was very ill, and in the evening she had a fever. She fell asleep during the dinner and we had to open our presents without her... Luckily she was able to open at least her presents in the end (she was crying a lot during the evening). When she got a bit better, me and Andulka became also ill. Andulka had also fevers and it was quite a nightmare... crying all night, we were unable to keep her temperature down. Oh well.
I love our christmas tree. I love our ornaments, mostly hand made. It´s such a beautiful decoration for the living room. I know the tree iteslf is not a perfect one, but decorated it looks perfect to me.