Sunday, January 13, 2013

January, here we go...

A lamp/candle holder I got from my dear friend Jana. Looks beautiful with more candles and fits well in our old house.
Baby Andulína, almost crawling... . Her teeth are growing now, which brings a lot of discomfort to all of us (sleepless nights and a lot of crying).
We went to a ball that we go to every year. This year the theme was "Wild wild west" and it was great, again. I made a circle striped scarf for an anonymous winner at the ball. I thought I´m able to make it by myself, but I kind of couldn´t wrap my head around what to sew first and how to construct this primitive thing. In the end I had to find a tutorial for this scarf. It was very easy then.
I wore the black dress I made; this is my favourite dress for so many occasions! I love to wear it, it´s fancy but still very comfortable.

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