Saturday, January 5, 2013

painting again

For a long time it was impossible to paint for me, because we were so ill... but now I´m back! The first completed painting of 2013 is Marie in the wood (it´s our favourite place in a nearby wood, we love the beech trees there). I´m really happy I painted her in her beloved pink dress :).
I´m kind of sad I don´t sew... It´s really not easy for me, because we both (me and my husband) don´t like the loud sound of sewing machine in the evening, when the children finally get to bed. And Marie sleeps right next to our living room, where I used to sew. Also I kind of regret buying the overlock, but maybe some day I´ll get to use it? I hope to sew during the day, when Andulka grows up a bit.

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