Saturday, February 2, 2013

Michel Delacroix

I love to look at houses, I love architecture... and cities. I love these paintings by Michel Delacroix. Fifteen years ago I went to Belgium, and at one antique shop I bought a postcard with one of his paintings. We had it on the wall at our first home (actually a student dorm room), but I probably lost the postcard then. Few days ago I saw his paintings again, and I still really like them. Tiny details, charming little scenes, chimneys, bold colourways. And Paris, of course :). I´ve been to Paris once, and I don´t remember much (I went there during my two weeks in Belgium). I was very ill and had problems breathing, the trouble was we slept in a tiny apartment, that was filled with cigarette smoke. I almost couldn´t breathe at night and I seriously thought I was going to die there. I wanted to get up in the middle of the night and escape the smoke filled box. But, I didn´t, and, somehow, I survived :). The flat was actually really nice, and really interesting. Very small, filled with tons of small decorations, I remember the paisley tablecloth on the round table. I thought it was very Parisian. The flat itself was originally painter´s studio with a tall, narrow window. Everything during my two days stay at Paris was nice, but the night experience is the thing I remember the most.

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