Wednesday, February 6, 2013

new curtain

We have a new curtain in the living room. I made it during the last two days in kind of a dirty way. No pressing along the way, I just pressed the whole thing after it was completed. Actually it didn´t matter in this case, as the result is very good and it saved me a ton of time :). It feels great to have a curtain again after a long time without one! The fabric is from Ikea, great price and I love the print. It reminds me of a painting by my favourite artist Camilla Engman:
Looks a lot like it, right?


  1. The fabric has that Northern feel to it... which is kind of difficult to explain, but it made me think of saunas. :-)
    And with simple things, sometimes the dirty way is the best.

  2. topíte pánubohu do okna

    1. topilo se v krbových kamnech :). když topí topení, dáváme závěs za topení :)