Wednesday, February 20, 2013

my two cuties

Sometimes I´m exhausted and often tired, especially mornings are tough... but mostly caring about these two is fine, filled with joy and cuddling. Having a baby besides the big one is definitely challenging. I can´t say I´m bored :). Anna is a very active and loud baby, which makes things harder, obviously, but she´s also very cheerful. She likes a good laugh - she gets that after me, probably :).
Sometimes I get nervous and stressed - especially when preparing to leave the house and trying to be quick. With small children, it´s anything but quick :). Sometimes I´m tired like a horse and my whole body aches. In that case I wrap myself in a blanket (head included) and lie on the floor... the monkeys can jump and scream around - I don´t care!
It´s definitely a huge adventure. I´m also very lucky to have a husband who works at home most times. He may not always help me much, but he´s there, if anything happened.


  1. They are definitely both cuties. I'm terrified about taking care of one. I can't imagine having two that depend on me!

  2. So lovely!
    But I've to say that I am waiting with the second one. I am so scared that there will be no time over to do my things.

  3. I very much know what you mean now! It's exactly the same here... Right now Julie isn't so difficult, but Rosa is going through a difficult stage, with a lot of temper tantrums and such... I love those pictures of your girls, they're really different! But both very beautiful! ;) (and love Marie's hair)