Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Before sun...

A while ago, I desparately wanted to see a good, romantic, positive, intelligent, interesting movie. I was thinking hard what to look for and then I remembered: Before sunrise/Before sunset could be the one! I´ve read about it few times but it took me long time to actually see it. We saw Before sunrise at first and it was good - an original love story that´s more about talking than about doing anything. Two strangers (played by Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy) that meet, talk, walk, fall in love... for one night (in Wienna!).

And then we saw Before sunset, of course. The sequel takes place nine years later after the first one, when the characters meet again (in Paris!). Older, maybe more wise and honest... but definitely with a much better script :). We loved Before sunset, the film was breathtaking, so well made and written. Again, it´s talking, talking about love, life, sex, relationships... but in more dramatic and mature way. It´s all very natural and outstanding at the same time. After we watched it, I had immediate urge to watch it again. It also has a genius ending to it. Great film!
  And Julie Delpy had gorgeous clothes on in this film :). Don´t you love the cream jacket and the black blouse? I would wear both :).

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  1. Loved both movies! Very touching. I might watch one of them tonight...thanks for reminding me of them!