Tuesday, October 30, 2012

kid´s room upgrades

I wrote it many times before: I love our kid´s (now Marie´s) room. I had big doubts (March this year) if it´s a good idea to move Marie to a separate room which is upstairs, if she´s old enough to handle this and to sleep there. It turned out it was a great idea - she loves the room,  although I have to admit sometimes it´s a hassle to go upstairs to her in the middle of the night when she accidently wakes up. Or when she doesen´t want to sleep in the evening and I have to come to her bed repeatedly (across our bedroom where Andulka sleeps or tries to fall asleep). I admit, it´s complicated sometimes, and not the best solution, but we love the room - for playing and for sleeping, too. It´s huge, cozy, quiet, it´s interesting with lots of nooks and corners.
I made this thing for Marie´s bed - I don´t know how to call it! She calls it a "giant snake" :). There is a gap on her bed between the mattres and the iron bed part (however it is called...), and this gap and the iron was causing several problems. I needed to hide the iron and fill the gap somehow - so I made this long cylinder filled with hollow fibre. Now the bed is comfy and safe. I´m very satisfied with this solution :).
And after I saw the new Ikea catalog I wanted to make an island for playing made from a pallet! With carpet on top. I was lucky, soon we happened to have two spare pallets in our house. We took it to the room, but I had to improvise with the covering, because I haven´t bought the right carpet yet. I used few old small carpets instead, but I plan to buy a new one later and improve the whole thing :).


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  1. I wouldn't know what to call it, either, but I just may borrow "giant snake" for the thing that I made to keep the draughts from the window! :D