Tuesday, August 9, 2011

inspired and obsessed

I´ve came across the (czech) designer Hana Zárubová few times recently. I read about her in an old Burda magazine, and loved her work. Some of it is of course too eccentric for me (or for most people) to wear, but I´ve been really thrilled by few designs. She uses mostly basic black, white and grey for colours. The materials are often soft looking knits, and I became obsessed by the idea to make a knit dress inspired by these. Especially I love the grey short sleeved dress from the Chmo collection. My second favourite is the black jacket from the No collection - very wearable and interesting shape. I´m also showing her white Chmo dress, and that´s mainly because some time ago I bought some light beige knit which would be perfect for something like this. Soft, ruched, full dress...

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