Thursday, September 27, 2012

new windows

The long awaited reconstruction began... We are going to have new windows (there are already new ones in the kitchen, bathroom, toilet and pantry). Unfortunatelly, most of the windows are going to be changed from simple rectangle shape into a curved shape with a column in the middle (as the windows were built originally in 19th century)... We didn´t want this (me and my husband), but we are only renters in this house, so there´s nothing we could do. This means tearing down the walls around the windows and much, much mess around. Bricks everywhere, dust (lots of dust). If they only changed the window within its current shape, it would be much easier for everyone, but... that´s not going to happen. I´m kind of upset at this, but let´s hope we are all going to survive this long and exhausting reconstruction. The new windows are certainly going to be fab, that´s for sure, but the price is high (boht figuratively and literally speaking).
This is happening at our house right now (so far not the part of the house where our rooms are):
Fingers crossed this is going to end up well.


  1. Oh, I can relate! ;) They did this in our apartment too about two years ago and it was quite a horrible thing when we were in the middle of it! I didn't like the 'modern' redo of our windows either, but I must say that now I hardly see the things that I found so ugly anymore and I'm happy with some of the results (it's easier to keep the right temperature, less sounds from the street etc). Good luck with the disturbance!

  2. Thanks! Actually, I like what they want to do with the windows, I just think it´s not worth it... the window would look good enough the way they are now and they would work better. But, oh well. We are pretty stressed out now, but looking forward to the end.

  3. Wow! Your windows has turned into a bigger one. I agree to what Nina said that time will come and these changes will make sense. Focus on the good things that this new window might give you. I can see that you have beautiful surroundings outside your house, so I think that you can enjoy sightseeing, right? :)

  4. What type of windows did you install in your house? Was it an elliptical or arched window, or was it a simple double-hung window? But whatever it is, you can always make them appealing by treating your windows. Try to put valances or sheer because I'm pretty sure that could make any type of windows attractive.

  5. How long have you been renting your house? Hmm. Though it’ll be a hassle for quite some time, I’m sure that those windows will be for your advantage too. Anyway, how is it now? I hope by now, the windows are all set and done.

    -Katie Nicoll