Monday, September 10, 2012

exhibition at home (almost)

Twice a year my husband (who studied history of art before he studied theology) prepares exhibiton at our church. Some people are not very happy with this, as they think that protestants should have plain church interiors, no art and such. But some people like art and paintings, so he continues with these exhibitions... I was very glad that some people from our congregation wanted to see my paintings there. My husband wasn´t very keen on making a speech for me before the exhibition, but he did anyway :). The opening was great, some of our friends came and my husband´s speech was nice. I couldn´t finish the hotel painting, but I decided to hang it unfinished. I´m ill now, but when I gain some strengh again, I´ll take it home and continue painting it. And the best thing! People actually wanted to buy my paintings. Six paintings are going to go to a new home when the exhibition ends, hopefully (I hope noone changes their mind! :). That means I´ll be left with almost no paintings for future exhibitions... I have to buy new canvases and paint many new paintings :).


  1. That's great news! Congrats on the exhibition and your sales!

  2. Yes, that's great! I hope you'll be healthy soon; I'm ill myself and it's no fun. :-(