Monday, December 20, 2010


Clothes! I think about clothes all the time - it´s relaxing, instead of, let´s say, thinking about money, food, health, my future job, my future... Future in general is something that scares me (it´s one of signs of depression, I think :). So, I prefer to think about stupid things like what I want to paint or what I want to wear.
I´m amazed by this red coat by Louis Vuitton. I don´t like the shape at all, but the collar! Wow.
I´m inspired by this pink dress by Bokica Bo (love the clothes she makes!).
I want a pair of throusers with these blue/white stripes.
I adore this dress nad coat.
One black wrap dress, please...
And most of all, I need something like this :).

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