Thursday, August 23, 2012

black knight

Hahaha, I´ve seen this black knight hoodie on the net somewhere (I couldn´t find who makes it or where it comes from) and I love it! Isn´t it sexy? I imagine it would be expensive (and out of stock, and too small for my tall husband...), but what about diy black knight? :D
Also, my 4 month old baby can turn herself from her back to her stomach (I´m definitely using bad english terms to describe this) already!!! Her older sister, who was just lying and sleeping all the time as a baby, did this two months later. I´m so proud of this active little one :).



  1. roll over je výraz ktorý hladáš:)

  2. SO CUTE! (your little one!!)

  3. What a cutie! She'll probably do everything faster to try and keep up with her big sis!