Friday, August 3, 2012

linen pants

Few days ago I finally hemmed my new turquoise linen pants. I wore them twice since and I like them, despite the fact that the design is not really my style. I kind of had to get used to these trousers. The colour is refreshing and I love linen for summer pants. I think I want to make some more linen pants... some easier style maybe, as these ones are more on the "formal" side. I thought I could wear them to playground etc., but that wouldn´t feel comfortable.
I´m quite proud of the sewing I did on these trousers.
Photos from our great trip to castle and park in Průhonice. Such beautiful gardens.


  1. Hey! Nice job!! I like making trousers but I have to try and refine to fit a little. Also I need to try and work on what suits a smaller figure.... Kids are so much easier to sew for!! I have sewn quite a few trousers for my son- but nothing as smart as yours!! Nice job!! =)

    1. Oh, thanks a lot! I would like to make another pair (different pattern), as it´s quite complicated for me to go to a shop and try on something! These are actually my first pants for myself, and I´m really happy with them :).

  2. These are fantastic! I love the color.