Saturday, July 28, 2012

baby pants

I love my new overlock! I made these baby harem pants for our friend´s little girl, size 74, approximately. I hope they fit her this autumn! There are still some things with the overlock that I need to work out - mainly what to do with the threads´ ends. On normal straight stitch machine you can backstitch easily, but with overlock you just let the ends long and finish them afterwards. But beside that, I´m pretty excited and so far I´ve used the overlock almost every day :).
I love the little floral "tag" I´ve made on the side. I would also like to add some tag with my name "janul" somewhere... maybe next time, if I figure how to do that :). It would also great to be able to put a lable with a size there.


  1. Labels: How about this?

    1. Hm, I´m not sure... too much chemical stuff I´m afraid. Thanks anyway!

    2. Well, I use benzine occasionally for cleaning, so I thought that was not too much of a change... I'm giving it a try. Though I suppose it would be different for baby clothes, and with small children around.