Thursday, July 19, 2012

men´s boxer shorts

So, let me tell you a story... about a nice, huge shirt (a caftan, maybe). It was a handmade shirt, made by my husband´s exgirlfriend.
I really love the fabric, nice colour, pattern, and very soft...

When I started dating my husband, I saw he didn´t wear it at all and asked him, if he can give it to me (so that I can make something from it :D. But, his exgirlfriend made it herself and he didn´t know me for a long time then, so he said he can´t give the shirt to me. Hahaha!
Ok, I said to myself, I´ll wait... I waited few years and then asked him about the shirt again. And, well, he obviously loved me a lot and gave me the shirt immediately :D.
At first I wanted to make a dress out of it, then a skirt... but I discovered a stain that couldn´t be washed out, so the fabric that could be used was limited. I actually made the skirt, but it didn´t work out.
Recently, Petr (that´s my husbands name!) said most of his boxer shorts (is that the right word for men´s undergarments...?) are falling apart and that he would like some new ones. And I thought I could make some. So I made a pattern and started to sew the first pair... with this fabric. The first ones actually didn´t work out (I screwed up the sewing and made few mistakes). Also the pattern wasn´t the best. So I made a new pattern and made another pair. And these worked out perfectly! I was so happy that I also bothered to "draw" a zipper opening and a pocket with a thread. I think it´s nice!
In the end, the shirt didn´t end up as a dress or a skirt for me, but again something for Petr. I think that´s a good thing. One woman sewed him a shirt and many years later, another one made him shorts out of the same fabric :).
The prince helped me along... :)


  1. Love it!! You can buy that really wide elastic for the tops of the shorts for the next time...My husbands shorts fall apart too. I think they rub their butts when they sit or something... I don't think he would wear one I made him but then you have seen the fabric I have!! =) Great job!

  2. I won't tell you how sad my husband's underwear is-- oops, just did! These look great. I like the helpful prince.

  3. Good job! and anice story, yes.
    I'm gathering my courage to sew some boxers for my father. Fabric problem, too. And I'm not sure what he'd think of it, but I guess his practical side would win out and he'd wear them. Hopefully.