Sunday, July 22, 2012

sleeping? no, thanks...

I can sleep, when I´m dead! Or that´s probably what my baby thinks :D. She´s sleeping for short periods during the day and waking up continuously during the night. Exhausting! But I´m definitely loosing all my baby weight this way... and something more I guess.
Also, I´ve threaded my overlock machine (whoa! this thing is quite compicated! but I hope next time this process is much easier...) and been practicing a bit. So far I haven´t mastered everything and don´t understand how to do some things, but I guess that will come with time and practice.
Also, muy husband was cleaning his office and gave me a table, so that I could use it for my sewing machines! Isn´t that great? Now I have two tables, but I´m still not really sure which one of them is more suitable for machines... Anyway, I have more place for working now :).


  1. Huh, no sleep! Hopefully it will get better later...
    And overlock! That's exciting news - I'd be scared. Strangely enough, I'm not scared of my new Singer, but overlock... How are you coping? You know, do you have this inexplicable fear of the unknown that I get when facing a machine, or do you dive right into it like my sister does?

    1. I´m definitely scared! Also, I´m not sure whether my sewing is worth it - I´m not a perfect seamstress and this is a great machine... shouldn´t someone better at sewing buy it instead? :D And I have to say, I´m not best with any kind of machines... they scare me generally. I don´t understand cars, computers, sewing machines... But I just decided to get it, because I assume I´ll have it for the rest of my life and that I will more or less sew and use it. I´ve had my Singer straight stitch machine for 9 years now. What about your new Singer? Will you show it off on your blog and tell about it? Or have you already?

    2. I wanted to, even took pictures, and then forgot. :D Thanks for reminding me.