Sunday, January 15, 2012

living room

Look, we painted our living room!!! Finally, the awful yellow is gone from the remaining two walls (the ones on the photo). It was exhausting both psychically and physically, but I´m so glad it´s done. I love the gray. Well, maybe it´s not really done completely, because I plan to paint a flowery pattern on one of the walls. I just feel so exhausted to do it right now and I don´t really know how to do that (I borrowed certain equipment to paint the pattern, but I´m not sure if I can do it). Anyway, this is a huge relief :). Now I just have to reupholster the armchairs and the living room will be done.
I also made a dress which I wore to a ball, but I don´t have any pictures of myself wearing it yet - hopefully soon I´ll be able to post it. I´m also working on a leather bag: I´m excited at this, but it´s also quite nerve wrecking, as sewing leather can be quite challenging and my sewing machine is making all sorts of strange sounds while sewing :). And I´m about to dive into a really big project (at least for the unexperienced myself) - sewing throusers. These are (hopefully!) going to be linen, shorter summer style of thousers, without the fly (side opening instead, to make things easier). I would like them to be long, but I didn´t buy enough fabric. Lesson learned! Wish me luck.
And I´m also working on another painting, quite a big one, and I love it. I hope to finish it soon, because often it takes me so long to finish a painting, which is so tiring. It would be lovely to make something a bit "easier" :).

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