Saturday, January 7, 2012

shopping for the baby

I´m looking forward to the baby very much, but I´m also quite nervous. I just feel so unorganized and unprepared. I can´t decide where to put the crib, where Marie is going to sleep, how is it all going to happen when the small one is born. The baby clothes are a mess, hidden somewhere in the attic, and I have no idea what I´ll need for the baby, what kind of nappies I´ll use etc. So I decided to just buy something beautiful to comfort myself :). I bought this beautiful baby swathe, which I´ve admired for a very long time, and a small woolen blanket. I love these. I´m actually kind of afraid to use the blanket, I just want to look at it as if it were a nice painting :). The materials are beautiful and it´s all handmade. I´m really big already, with huge belly, and it´s seriously starting to be quite uncomfortable. I´m looking forward to the end, when I´m back to my old self! There are three months to go...


  1. Three more months! That's exciting! I love that baby swathe. That looks like a fun project to replicate.

  2. You´re right, at first I thought I could make it instead of buying it... but the fabric was so nice, I coulnd´t find anything similar. And the sewing projects I´m able to finish are very few, sadly.